Sermons 2018
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12/9/2018   Peace Requires Preparation Pastor Neumann Malachi 3:1-4 Download
12/2/2018   Hope Trumps Optimism Pastor Neumann Luke 21:25-36 Download
11/25/2018   Christ Is King: He Is KING of Kings Pastor Neumann Daniel 7:13,14 Download
11/21/2018   It Is Good To Praise The Lord Pastor Neumann Psalm 92:1-5 Download
11/18/2018   A Final Note of Triumph Pastor Neumann Daniel 12:1-3 Download
11/11/2018   How Do We Know? Pastor Neumann Hebrews 9:24-28 Download
11/4/2018   What If They Hadn't Taken A Stand? Pastor Neumann 2 Kings 22-23 Download
10/28/2018   Real Faith for Real Life: It's not just something you say, it's also something you do Pastor Neumann James 2:14-17 Download
10/21/2018   The Way To True Greatness Pastor Neumann Mark 10:35-45 Download
10/14/2018   Amos Still Speaks To Us Today Pastor Neumann Amos 5:6,7,10-15 Download
10/7/2018   God's Guide For A Happy Marriage Pastor Neumann Mark 10:2-9 Download
9/30/2018   Be Subject to God! Pastor Neumann James 4:7-12 Download
9/23/2018   Time For A Spiritual Check-Up Pastor Neumann James 3:13-18 Download
9/16/2018   What Would You Be Willing To Do For Jesus? Pastor Neumann Jeremiah 38:1-13 & Mark 8:27-35 Download
9/9/2018   The Christian's Quiet Confidence Pastor Neumann Acts 3:1-10 Download
9/2/2018   The Church That Made God Sick Pastor Neumann Revelation 3:14-22 Download
8/26/2018   Jesus Wants A Church Which Remains Faithful To His Word Pastor Neumann Revelation 3:7-13 Download
8/19/2018   The Church That Was Dead and Didn't Know It Pastor Neumann Revelation 3:1-6 Download
8/12/2018   The Church That Was Being Seduced By a Jezebel Pastor Neumann Revelation 2:18-29 Download
8/5/2018   The Little Church Next Door to Satan's Headquarters Pastor Neumann Revelation 2:12-17 Download
7/29/2018   The Church That Was Rich In Its Poverty Pastor Neumann Revelation 2:8-11 Download
7/22/2018   The Church That Lost Its First Love Pastor Neumann Revelation 2:1-7 Download
7/1/2018   Freedom in Christ Means... Pastor Neumann Galatians 5:1, 13-25 Download
6/24/2018   The Refreshing Dew of Fellowship Pastor Neumann Psalm 133 Download
6/17/2018   Only Jesus Saves Pastor Neumann Ezekiel 17:22-24 Download
6/10/2018   Meditations on Mark 2:13-17; Isaiah 40:27-31; 1 Peter 3:13-17 Pastor Neumann Download
6/3/2018   God's Command to Rest Gives Us Opportunity to Remember Pastor Neumann Deuteronomy 5:12-15 Download
5/27/2018   Our Triune God Is An Awesome God Pastor Neumann Isaiah 6:1-8 Download
5/20/2018   We Are In The "Last Days" Pastor Neumann Acts 2:1-21 Download
5/13/2018   Seek God First! Pastor Neumann Matthew 6:33 Download
5/10/2018   Jesus Ascension is a Departure that Brings Comfort Pastor Neumann John 14:1-4 Download
5/6/2018   The Easter Effect: Lives that Reflect Christ's Love Pastor Neumann Acts 9:36-42 Download
4/29/2018   The Easter Effect: We Bear Fruits of Faith Pastor Neumann Acts 16:11-15 Download
4/22/2018   The Easter Effect: We Are Not Alone Pastor Neumann Acts 20:28-32 Download
4/15/2018   The Easter Effect: Willing Submission to the Lord's Will Pastor Neumann Acts 12:1-19 Download
4/8/2018   The Easter Effect: We Live With Conviction Pastor Neumann Acts 26:19-29 Download
4/1/2018   Jesus Is Our Eternal High Priest Pastor Neumann Hebrews 7:23-27 Download
3/30/2018   Sermon based on Jesus' Words from the Cross Pastor Neumann Download
3/29/2018   Hosanna In The Highest! Pastor Neumann Psalm 118:25,26 Download
3/25/2018   As Christ Confronts His Enemies and Ours, We See Him Revealed For Who He Truly Is Pastor Neumann Mark 11:1-10 Download
3/18/2018   Christ Explains What Will Happen When He Confronts Satan at the Cross Pastor Neumann John 12:20-33 Download
3/11/2018   Jesus Confronts Our Sin By Being Lifted Up On the Cross Pastor James Korthals John 3:13-21 Download
3/4/2018   Christ Confronts Roadblocks to Heartfelt Worship Pastor Neumann John 2:13-22 Download
2/25/2018   Christ Confronts Peter's Attempted Roadblock to the Cross Pastor Neumann Mark 8:31-38 Download
2/18/2018   Christ Confronts Satan in the Wilderness Pastor Neumann Mark 1:12-15 Download
2/14/2018   Jesus Is Our Compassionate High Priest Pastor Neumann Hebrews 4:14-16 Download
2/11/2018   A Glimpse Of Glory Pastor Neumann 2 Kings 2:1-12 Download
2/4/2018   Out with the Old; In with the New Pastor Neumann Mark 2:18-22 Download
1/28/2018   Be Strong Pastor Neumann Ephesians 6:10-18 Download
1/21/2018   The Savior Has Caught Us Pastor Neumann Mark 1:14-20 Download
1/14/2018   God Wants You! Pastor Neumann 1 Samuel 3:1-10 Download
1/7/2018   See the Power of God in His Word! Pastor Neumann Acts 16:25-34 Download

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