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2/28/2021   Evil - Overruled Pastor Neumann Genesis 37:12-36 Download
2/21/2021   The Lord Will Provide Pastor Neumann Genesis 22:1-14 Download
2/17/2021   Hands of Repentance Pastor Neumann Luke 18:9-14 Download
2/14/2021   Take In This View from the Mountaintop Pastor Neumann Mark 9:2-9 Download
2/7/2021   See What Kind of God We Have! Pastor Neumann 2 Kings 5:1-14 Download
1/31/2021   God's People are Passionate about People Pastor Neumann 1 Corinthians 9:16-23 Download
1/24/2021   Hold Firmly to Christ in Faith Pastor Neumann Hebrews 3:1-6 Download
1/17/2021   The Words of the Messiah Reveal the Sanctity of Life Pastor Neumann Isaiah 49:5,6 Download
1/10/2021   Take Refuge in Your Perfect Candidate Pastor Neumann Mark 1:9-11; Psalm 2 Download
1/3/2021   Don't Let Human Opinion Hide the Real Jesus from You Pastor Neumann John 7:40-43 Download

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