God's Providence
    “One night four-year-old Sarah didn’t want to go to bed because she was afraid of the dark.  Her mother tried to soothe her, but Sarah wouldn’t go to bed.  When her mother turned off the lights, Sarah saw the moon and asked, ‘will God put out his light and go to sleep now too?’ ‘No,’ her mother said, ‘God never goes to sleep.’  ‘Well,’ Sarah said, ‘if God isn’t going to go to sleep, there’s no sense in both of us staying awake, is there?’ (God’s Providence: People’s Bible Teaching)
            Because God is our heavenly Father, we know that he stays awake to watch over us.  But, can we be sure that God cares for every aspect of our lives? And, if he watches over us, why do things happen the way they do? Not only that, but what relation does God have with the evil in our world?  We dive into these thoughts as we let Scripture answer these important questions.

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God's Providence: He Cares For You
Lesson 4 - Concurrence 

God's Providence: He Cares For You
Lesson 3 - God's Providence and Secondary Causes 

God's Providence: He Cares for You
Lesson 2: The Scope of God's Providence 

God's Providence: He Cares For You
Lesson 1 - God Preserves His Creation 

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