Marriage Enrichment
Your marriage is the most profound human relationship you have.  Does it ever feel like something is missing? 

Whether you see your marriage as doing just fine, just feels like something is missing, or if your love for each other has never been stronger, you can grow. God’s grace leads you to glorify him and grow in your love for each other.

The Christian recognizes that God has not only instituted marriage, but that his Word also offers the means whereby family life may be sustained and improved, and whereby the true blessings and joys of family life may be realized.

That is the goal of these Marriage Enrichment Events.  If you were unable to make it to one of these events, but wanted to be there and wanted to know what was discussed, you will find the Date Night Companion Workbook in the files below, as well as the Powerpoint Presentation used by the leader.  

It is our prayer that God bless you through these resources.  


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Date Night Companion Workbook
Understanding Marriage - Knowing Each Other 

Leader's Powerpoint Presentation
Understanding Marriage - Knowing Each Other 

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