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Balance Is Impossible

Learn How to Redeem the Time

When a boy becomes a man he learns that life can be busy, sometimes too busy. So many responsibilities, and so little time—what is a person to do?

Balancing Work and Family?
As I’ve received the joy of marriage and the bounty of children, I also have come to know the struggle that so many men have faced before me—how to be a faithful husband, a loving father, find time for myself, and also fulfill my responsibilities at work? The key, according to many voices in our culture, is...   >read more<

Times & Locations

Black River Falls, WI 

N6598 County Road A
   Bible Study 9:15am (Sept-May)
   Sunday School 9:15am (Sept-May)
   Directions to Black River Falls

Cataract, WI
N6774 Acorn Ave

   Bible Study 11:00am (Sept-May)
   Directions to Cataract

   Phone 715.284.0772
Email pastorjoelneumann@gmail.com

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